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Don’t Forget the Garden

Landscape design isn’t just about selecting plants for your garden, it includes all the elements of your outdoor living space. When you are renovating or building a new home it’s important to start planning your landscape early in the building process. It

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Landscape Design

Plant Profile – Zoysia Tenuifolia

Zoysia tenuifolia also known as ‘No-mow’ lawn gets this name because it’s a very slow growing style of grass. Because of its slow growth rate (about 20cm spread per year) it is not used as a lawn, but more often in planting

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Edible Gardens

Growing Herbs

Herbs are a great place to start when it comes to growing your own produce. They can be grown in pots or the ground, so no matter how much space you have a bounty of some sort is achievable. Nothing annoys me

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how to create a green fence with hedges

Hedges – the Green Fence

Hedges are a very handy landscape element that can really enhance your garden space by providing you with a green boundary. They can be used to screen neighbours, as windbreaks, they can divide your garden into different rooms as well as providing

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